At Neue, we unite the fields of strategy, technology and design. Our goal and passion is to simplify, and to utilize the power of contrast and polarisation. The result is what we call visual stories. Distinct, engaging, moving, challenging, remarkable, true stories. To uncover them, we always work in close collaboration with our clients.

Neue Neue Design Studio will design Norway’s new passports.

“Of the tendered offers for new Norwegian passports and ID cards, “Norwegian Landscapes” is the best concept. It illustrates the Norwegian identity as well as making sure the passport will be viewed as a document of high value. The concept is deeply rooted in Norwegian culture and will make the documents widely accepted among the population. It will remain relevant for many years to come and it has clear user benefits.(…)”

Read more about Norway’s new passports here.

On September 3rd, 2014, totally refurbished department store Paleet in Oslo reopened. Neue worked on its brand strategy and developed the new visual identity.

Read more about the new department store here.

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